Welcome to Congolese Support Group

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Top secret document regarding DR Congolese refugee in UK 

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Welcome to Congolese Support Group


 President dans une conference au Synagogue


Interview speciale entre Chirelle Kalaki, Youth Leader, Betty Bopete Sec. Adjoint, Espoir Lima Campaign Officer tous de Congo Support Group avec le President Okito, Interview a suivre. Kabila est un barbare. Suiver


 Une grande journee de Jumalange entre les Juifs et Les Congolais a Londres. The best event of the year, between Jewish and Congolese in UK 


Papa Tshimanga Kana Ka Ngandu, Le Premier Conseiller du President Okito Parle, Kabila est en danger 


 Marie Luzolo & Betty Bopete ainsi Damien parle du Congo, une reunion de victoire December 2015


Paul, Espoir, Sanda, Antoinette, Chirelle tres determine pour Le Congo


Flash, suiver Chirelle Kalaki, Betty Bopete, Espoir Elima, Shako Kihuyu, Marie Luzolo, Juress, Maman Carole et Magaly Mbombo vous invite a prendre part a une manifestation culturelle entre les juifs et le Congolais (es) LE 17/01/2016, KOZANGA TEEEEEEEEEEEEE 


In Charge of Campaign and Internal Meetings Ms Renaltti Kembo,  Asking President President to step down immediately, KABILA YOU MUST GOOO. Criminal


Ms Marischka Nkashama, Public Relation Director, asking Mr Kabila to step down, and he must respond to the atrocities he committed. Ingetta


Congo Support Group, Showing solidarity to Syria people, watch the Video


 Directeur Leon Nkogolo, Hehemi Liongo Wales Rep, Chirelle Youth Leader, Mathe Kitiko and Delphin calling for Mr Kabila to step down immediately, 


 Reunion du 03 10 2015, Les membres de Congo Support Group, determine Kabila Alias Kanambe doit partir, Message de: Marie Sumbu, Reanlti Kembo, Cecile Shimba Weta, Barthelmy Mpiana, Angel Dembo, Marthe Kitoko, Tshimanga Kana Ka Ngandu, Maron Ehata, Tete Mbombo, Philomene Ndaya, Delphin Matota, Paul Tete Mbala, Elizabeth Subila Kabemba 

Flash Top Stories (Last 24 hours)  KEBA LANDA

Une fin tres Dangereuse pour Mr Kabila, suiver le President Okito, tres determine



Flash, Flash, Attention, Landa, President Okito, DIALOGUE???

 Interview du Président Okito, avec le Pasteur Bobo a Brussel (Tindela Baninga S.V.P)

 Power of Value sharing, President Okito and Rabbi Jonathan, during a historical event between Jewish and Congolese in UK.

Main DR Congolese organisation in 


          Congolese Support Group is a main

DR Congolese organisation in UK with well over 5.000 members

We identified five main concerns within our communities, to help us improve our society; we introduced a social justice strategy by appointing five directors in charge of each concerns named as commissions, and have now extended our vision around the Globe