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Congo Support Group "CSG" is a main Democratic Republic Congolese organisation in the United Kingdom with over 5.000 members.

CSG is an organization engaged in both the political and the social actions. Bring a positive and lasting change in the lives of  Congolese living in the UK  and those living in the DRC. To do this, we are currently working with five commissions who are officially members of our management committee, each commission has a director, assistant director, secretary and volunteer members responsible for activities.                                                                                                                                                                                      CSG helps to improve our society; it introduced a social justice by appointing five directors in charge of each commissions, and have now extended our vision around the Globe.                                                                                                                                           As a main political and social Congolese organisation in the UK, we welcome Congolese people to join the organisation all walks of life, have their say and influence policy and building a better DRC.

Click here to sign petition: Justice for victims of late night mass grave burial in DR Congo

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Each Member Commits:

Ø To obey and uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the Movement

Ø To be honest, open and fair

ØTo stand up for the right of “freedom of speech” (with its attendant responsibility) in ourØ society

ØTo uphold the finest DR Congo traditions of mateship, “a fair go” and loyalty

ØTo keep DR Congo, i.e. to recognize the historic traditions and the unique

DR Congo culture that could have made this country great and that would make it a place that many others desire to come to; this means that we do not embrace multiculturalism which means downgrading our culture; we do welcome people from all countries to assimilate into our country while being free to celebrate, without taxpayer funding, their own background and culture which should not be forced upon us, our laws and our institutions

Ø To recognize his or her individual moral accountability to take political and social actionsØ for the benefit of fellow DR Congo’s and humanity in general

Ø To end eavor to empower self and others around me to take our part in the civic dutiesØ and democratic life of our nation and of our Movement;

Ø To be a doer rather than a hearer only – Within realistic limits of family relationships andØ work commitments, to not leave it up to somebody else to fix problems or meet needs, and in taking decisions in our Movement we acknowledge that persons who have done work deserve their opinions to carry more weight than those who have only talked in theory

Ø Within my individual capacity and aptitudes, to try to educate myself in aspects of politics,Ø economics, ethics etc suitable to my current role and any prospective future role;

Ø To listen respectfully to the opinions of other members and promote orderly debate inØ Movement forums

Ø To sort out any problems “in-the-family” i.e. within the Movement through the Constitution andØ its related procedures, and to not question or criticize a fellow member in the media, to not put the Movement to shame publicly etc

Members who have been elected into positions of leadership also commit:

Ø To be held accountable to Movement members for their trust and stewardshipØ

Ø To place DR Congo’s national interest above the Movement interestØ

Ø To place the Movement’s interests above their own self-interestØ

Ø To advise a Board member of any conflict of interest or circumstance (such as being outØ of one’s depth) that could adversely affect the Movement’s public image or internal functioning

Ø To acknowledge that all Movement records are the property of the Movement and are to be handedØ over promptly when one’s position of leadership finishes

Ø To delegate to the maximum extent possibleØ

Ø To provide helpful guidance to assist those to whom delegations are givenØ

Ø To support, train and motivate fellow members without partialityØ

Time for change in DR Congo, all members of our Diaspora has moral duties for change of regime in our country, it is time for us to contribute, we hold the future of our country.