Welcome to Congolese Support Group

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Welcome to Congolese Support Group

  CSG En deuil, notre Tresorier, homme integre et toujour aux services de notre communaute Papa Jean Mayele n'est plus, que son ame reponse en paix.

Flash, Flash, Attention, Landa, President Okito, DIALOGUE???


Interview du President Okito, qu'il accorde au Pateur Bobo a Brussel (Tindela Bininga S.V.P)               

United Kingdom with over 5.000 members.

          Congolese Support Group is a main  

                 DR Congolese organisation in

We identified five main concerns within our communities, to help us improve our society; we introduced a social justice strategy by appointing five directors in charge of each concerns named as commissions, and have now extended our vision around the Globe